From Pictionary to DrawSomething

Over a year ago, OMGPOP launched an amazing cell phone variation of its previous creation, the Pictionary. The Draw Something works just like Words with Friends and all other sorts of turn based, push notification mobile games on the market. Though the app seems great, a few attributes can still be added to make this program outrageously awesome and perfect. On the other hand, Cellular Country reviews how this app became an instant phenomenon.

Like the previous Pictionary, Draw Something can also be addictive specifically to people who are Arts enthusiast and to those who have been fans of Pictionary.

Draw Something can be easily played with various strangers, online email buddies or Facebook friends. The game works even if the players are not on iDevices.

The process is simple, the player can get to choose one out of the three words wherein each word signifies different difficulties or levels (simple, difficult). The first player draws the word they chose. Then their opponent must figure out what the first player has drawn using the letters that was provided for them as clue, and vice versa. Good thing with this app is that both players sees a live, real time match of the game process on their cheap cell phones. Once they guess or fail to guess the word, both players go back to step one.

The illustrating tools are fairly diverse for this kind of very simple game. Different brush sizes are accessible, numerous erasers, and you can junk a photo whenever and begin over. Though an ‘Undo’ function can be added to the tool for a better functionality.

DrawSomething sample drawings

The players can acquire numerous groups of color with in-game coins you attain as a treat for playing. You can also shop for special bombs which adjust your word alternatives or eliminate letters while guessing.

Draw Something is simply brilliant, user-friendly and worth picking. Indeed, this app is yet another phenomenal game that can turn the online world into an awesome bliss.