Textitis and the pains of a high-tech world

There is no doubt that cheap cell phones have changed the way people live and communicate with each other. Thanks to the technologies of mobile phones, they can easily contact their loved ones even if they live in the opposite side of the world.  Smart phones have enabled the users to truly master the art of multitasking, sending and checking emails without the need to open a computer, browsing the Web for the latest news-worthy gossip, downloading the latest album of our favorite artist and playing with their latest game  obsession for an hour (or two).

Textitis and the pains of a high-tech world, A Cellular Country Review

Textitis and the pains of a high-tech world, A Cellular Country Review

Living with mobile phones is truly fantastic for many reasons but sometimes this high-tech world comes with high-tech hazards.

Numerous studies have linked cell phone use with brain cancer and other neurological concerns.  Since mobile phones are sources of electromagnetic fields, the radiation it creates is said to affect the human brain.  According to researchers, prolonged use could cause adverse cell phone effects that can disrupt brain functions, resulting in brain tumors, Neuroma, and other diseases.

Likewise, there have been studies that associate mobile phone use with sperm quality.  It seems that frequent phone use can affect the quality of sperm in men and may lead to infertility.

Perhaps the most common and immediate cause of concern for mobile phones is text-itis. It is not unusual to find someone who texts 100 times a day.  But texting can also cause havoc on the body.

Texting non-stop may cause finger pain and may lead to repetitive strain injury. Sore wrists and thumbs are the usual complaint of people. In addition, prolonged hours on the mobile phone may also cause neck and back injuries, especially if the user lean in too close or hunch our backs for hours.

So how do people beat these high-tech hazards? Cell phone safety must be upheld.

One solution is as simple as minimizing the use of mobile phones… or not. Okay, so maybe it is not that simple especially to those whose lifelines literally are their cellular phones. But if consumers limit their use to simply calling and texting, they can somehow minimize cell phone radiation. If this is not possible, they can put a wired headset instead of placing the phone directly to their ears.  This way, radiation exposure decreases because there is a space between the phone and the body. A wired headset may still transfer radiation but to a small extent. There is also the option to use speaker phone. Just try not to do these if the conversation needs to remain top–secret.

Another way to avoid high- tech pitfalls is to simply switch the phone from one side to the other.

To avoid text-itis, people must not text when their fingers start to hurt. Take a break every now and then. Spread the fingers and stretch them as often as you can.

Mobile phones can enhance communication. But it important to keep in mind that these technologies are there to help not to be detrimental to our lives.


Proper Cell Phone Etiquette

From the old-fashioned beeper to the so-called smartphone, mobile technology is indeed unstoppable. Cellular Country reviews how this machine or in layman’s term, the gadget, has become an indispensable toy of people worldwide.

Started as a mere communication tool, these mobile phones have become a necessity. Gone are the days when the cellular phone was used for mere text messaging and dropping calls for the device now serves a lot of functions. A great device in business for presentations, a means in locating a person, a good source of electronic books, aids in capturing photos and even used in surfing the internet, the mobile technology is indeed all-encompassing. With these, owning at least one is a must to every individual.

Owning a cell phone is indispensable, they say. However, cell phone users must convey a sense of responsibility for owning one. There are lots of unspoken rules with regards to the proper usage of mobile phones.

When attending a conference or a meeting perhaps, it is just proper to turn your cell phone off. Your boss won’t be happy when he tries to discuss something and then suddenly your mobile started to scream. Who knows this might hinder your opportunity for a promotion. Also, your teacher wouldn’t like it if somebody’s cell phone rings in the middle of her discussion. That would also distract the students’ attention. When inside the theatre or movie room, always make sure that your phone is off. Sometimes, it may be necessary to have your cell phone on during these instances. At times like this, you can just put the phone in silent-mode and activate vibration. With this, you can still be notified if someone is trying to get your attention on your phone.

Etiquette has not changed throughout the years despite the adamant change in technology. One must be respectful and mindful of others whenever they use their mobile devices. Cell phone etiquette is no different, show the people around you that you respect them by putting your phone on silent or turn it off when you talk with other people.