Used Cell Phones as Means for Survival

Cell phones today are designed for remarkable things. You could chat, text, talk, browse or shop at Cellular Country or in any other online stores all over the world. However, mobile phones’ uses extend beyond the awesomeness of being an everyday gadget. These devices can become a means for survival.


The essential parts so far include the speaker, the LCD screen, the metal, wire, circuit board and lastly, the battery. What you can do with these parts? Let’s find out.

Your cheap cell phones’ battery alone can become a means to create fire. What you basically need is the battery itself, a wire and some combustible material.

Before anything else, make sure that the materials are close at hand for a quicker access. Touch the wire to the positive and negative parts of the battery. The wire will get hot almost immediately. Touch the flammable material to the wire to fire it up. The wire will likely disintegrate in a number of seconds so you will only have one shot per wire.

When building a cutting tool, you will need the cell phone’s circuit board, metal mount and a rock with a smooth surface. Sharpen the circuit board by sliding one side of it on the rock. Break an edge off the metal mount by folding it back and forth while creasing it with rock.

The screen of the phone will have mirror like layers behind it. This could be used as signal mirrors for rescue in case of emergencies. For this, hold the mirror up just below your eyes with one hand and with the other hand hold out a peace sign. Line the mirror up so it is reflecting light onto your fingers. While maintaining the light on your fingers, align the rescue vehicle between your fingers.

Mobile phones speakers should have a magnet that can be an essential in making a compass. Remove the magnet from the speaker. Align the wire. Rub one end of the wire on the magnet for a while then position the wire on the leaf floating in the puddle. The wire and leaf will align so that the end you rubbed will position north.

CellularCountryReview: Used Cell Phones as Survival Tools

The circuit board of any cell phone devices when sharpened and cut into an arrowhead shape can also be used when catching food. Cut a notch in the stick and insert the arrowhead. Put a string on the head then tie it up around the middle of a small straight piece of metal mount. For the final stroke, you can put a worm lengthwise as fish bait.

The Cellular Country Review believes that mobile phone technology is indeed integral to humans in all aspects of their lives.